Music Studio Policies

Welcome to my Flute Studio! I am excited to be helping you along your journey of self discovery through music! Below you will find all you need to know about how things work as you study with me.


My purpose is to help you meet your own goals as a flutist, musician and person. The skills you develop in these lessons will apply to anything you choose to do in life.

Expectations for students:

Learning an instrument is a challenging and satisfying endeavor but it requires a lot of dedication. This means first and foremost that the student is excited about learning the flute and is committed to practicing. I encourage practicing five days a week, a minimum of thirty minutes a day for beginners and 45 minutes to an hour for older students. Practicing can be broken up into smaller amounts of time, like 10-minute sessions or 15-minute sessions. I will give students lots of practicing techniques so they know what to do when they are on their own. I also know that life gets in the way sometimes and am understanding when students are feeling overwhelmed. You can always talk to me about anything that is on your mind.

Expectations for parents:

Please encourage your child by getting them the music I ask for in a timely manner, getting them to their lessons and picking them up on time, communicating with me any questions or problems that may arise, and gently reminding them to practice. I am always available to discuss something that is going on in your child’s life and will be as sympathetic and supportive as I can.


For kids, tuition is paid at the beginning of each semester, approximately 16 weeks per term. Vacation days are counted in this calculation. If this is a financial hardship, it can be paid in installments and if you want to have fewer lessons in a term, that can also be arranged.

Weekly lessons are preferable. Students need regular reinforcement and continuity. It is easy to forget what happened in a lesson especially if a lot of time has gone by.*

For adults, tuition is paid at the beginning of each month. I am more flexible about frequency of lessons with adult students.


Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel unless you are sick and then no notice is required. I will allow one make-up lesson per semester. I will do my best to reschedule a missed lesson with 24 hour notice. Missed or forgotten lessons will not be made up. Please do not come to a lesson if you are sick. I don’t want to get what you have and you probably feel crappy anyway! I will make up all lessons that I have to miss.

*A word about music lessons vs. other activities:

Learning an instrument is very different from any other type of activity a student may undertake. What makes it different is the fact that it is self-directed. There is no scheduled practice time as in sports or drama. Students have to plan practicing into their schedules. Lessons are a time to work with me on what they have been doing during the week. If they have not spent that time practicing, we will make slow progress. If it becomes too difficult for a student to spend the time, we will have to revisit why that student is taking lessons.

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